About us

Our Philosophy

We believe...

Each child's care and educational needs must be looked upon on an individual and ongoing basis.

Each child shall be recognized as an individual whose gender, ability differences, personal privacy, choice of activities, cultural, ethnic, and religious background shall be respected.

It is our intention to meet children's needs to the best of our ability.

Through the use of current educational materials, parent education, staff development, and specialized educational programs, we feel we are prepared for the individuality each child brings.

Foremost will always be the happiness and safety of your child(ren).

Our Goals


Our goal is to provide an exciting, enjoyable environment which enables your children to grow to their fullest potential, at their own pace and level of maturity. It is our goal to provide a positive experience for children by supporting their educational needs, caring for them, and working cooperatively with families. Specifically, we would like for children to:

1. Learn how to make responsible and appropriate choices and decisions.

2. Learn to conduct themselves in a way that would be deemed socially acceptable, and in a way not to infringe on the rights of others.

3. Build learning skills, sensory motor skills, speech and language skills, organizational skills, fine and gross motor skills, and academic skills through developmentally appropriate practices.

4. Learn to explore and identify their feelings, attitudes, and understand themselves and others. In so doing, they will learn to respect themselves and the significant people in their lives.

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